Fire Alarm System Inspection & Maintenance

As per Alberta Fire Code, Fire Alarm Systems must be maintained in operable condition, and must be inspected and tested in accordance with CAN/ULC-S536.

Fire alarm systems in Alberta are required to be inspected once a year by a certified technician. RTS Fire & Safety is certified to perform these inspections and provide you with a detailed report, in addition to providing options to repair any problems found.


Yearly Inspections

Once a year the entire Fire Alarm system must be fully tested for functionality.

RTS Fire & Safety is certified to perform these inspections.

All of our fire alarm technicians are Canadian Fire Alarm Association (CFAA), Alberta Fire Safety Association (AFSA) or Industry Canada (Journey person Electrician) qualified to service and maintain the systems we work on.


RTS Fire & Safety can perform inspection of Fire Alarm Systems. This involves individually checking every smoke and heat detector, manual pull stations, and all tie-ins to other systems (sprinklers, suppression systems, fan shutdowns, etc.).


In addition to the inspection a detailed report with deficiencies will be provided. Testing must be properly documented, and any failures addressed.


This inspection could take from an hour to several days depending on the size and complexity of the system.


Most annual inspections will require at least two technicians and are billed hourly.

If an estimate is required for the inspection, we may ask that a previous inspection or verification report, including a complete device list be provided. As every system is different, the is the best way to determine your needs and to ensure nothing gets missed.